Transportation Services

Provisioners is located just 3 miles from the Port of Seattle. This allows us to accommodate large volumes for our customers without running into issues with Per Diem and haul heavy loads.

At Provisioners Warehouse, we keep high standards for the equipment we use, ensuring everything is up-to-date. Owning and operating new equipment (whether it be our fleet or trucks or the systems we use) minimizes the number of issues we experience. We aim to deliver fast, efficient, and high-quality services to each of our customers, which means we keep high standards for all our resources.  

We own and operate a fleet of brand new trucks composed of 2022 Peterbilt that can handle heavy volumes. We have on staff drivers and dispatchers and all our services are all done in-house. 

Provisioner warehouse uses a TMS system that allows customers to log in via the online portal and view invoices, transactions, pickup and delivery dates, PODs, and interchanges. Using a TMS system lets customers view transactions without contacting our support staff. It also sends emails when accessorial charges are applied. This way, our customers know what is happening and why. Our easy-to-use system allows our dispatchers and drivers to be more efficient and ensure containers deliver on time. 

The standards we have for our team are the same standards we have for ourselves. Over the years, our team has developed a reputation for dependability and a getting-the-job-done attitude. We pride ourselves on our reliability and readiness to take care of customers. Our team is highly qualified and experienced, equipped with deep industry contacts and diverse transportation backgrounds. At Provisioners Warehouse, we develop our services and products to make our customers’ experience exceptional. 

Our Trucking Fleet Includes

  • Dry van trailers
  • 25 Super chassis (3 axles)
  • GPS Tractor tracking

Our Trucking Services Include

  • Washington State and Oregon Services
  • Heavy haul Services up to 96,000 gross lbs.
  • Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma Container Services
  • Intermodal Services for BNSF and Union Pacific